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News Guangdong

Epidemiologist Zhong Nanshan wins Edinburgh honor

China's leading epidemiologist, Zhong Nanshan, has received international recognition for the pivotal role he played in combatting the COVID-19 pneumonia outbreak by being named the inaugural winner of the 2020 Being Edinburgh Award.

Living in Zhuhai better all the time, say 2019 statistics

More than 2 million people have found Zhuhai an ideal place to live and work as shown by a GDP that grew by 6.8 percent year-on-year to 343.6 billion yuan ($48.5 billion) in 2019.

Guangdong stays alert amid COVID-19 threat

Guangdong province has promised to continue tackling the spread of COVID-19 in the coming weeks as three of the province's districts and a county have been upgraded from low-risk to medium-risk areas.

Guangzhou accelerates construction of AI and digital economy pilot zone

Guangzhou held a mobilization activity for accelerating the construction of AI and digital economy pilot zone on March 31st.

Foreigner punished for violation of quarantine

On March 22nd, when the CDC of Guangzhou Yuexiu District transferred a male foreigner to a hotel for medical observation, he left designated quarantine spot without permission.

Staff members pay tribute to martyrs at Guangzhou Yinhe martyrs' cemetery

The cemetery staff members paid tribute to the martyrs on behalf of the families and the public on the occasion of the Tomb-sweeping Day, also known as Qingming Festival that falls on April 4 this year. Many Chinese provinces and cities have suspended mass tomb-sweeping activities considering the infection risk of COVID-19.
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